Is this the 6th ASEAN MISST Yogyakarta?
This is The Online Workshop and Symposium of the 6th ASEAN MISST "In-depth Guided Virtual Workshop and Symposium".


How will I participate in this Virtual Event?
After you have confirmed your registration, you will have your individual Access Code that enables you to join our Programme hosted in this website.


Why must we make an account?
It is part of terms to register as a symposium / workshop participant so that you can access our event.

Can I register by other means?
All participant registrations can only be served online.

What if there are participants who want to change / edit their registration the paid is confirmed?
Changing your registration can be done by contacting the committee via our contact email


What are the rules for the The Online Pre Workshop and Symposium of the 6th ASEAN MISST?
For more complete rules please check here


How to get an invoice?
The invoice will be sent via email shortly after your online registration is done.


What information can we get from invoice?
Amount to be paid, Expiry date, Bank account number, Provisions if it exceeds / does not comply with the expiration date

How to get the payment receipt?
The payment receipt will be sent via email shortly after you complete the payment.


What if you haven't paid up to the specified limited date?
The invoice will expire and you will have to re-register to get a new invoice.

What if I want to cancel my registration?
Confirmed registrations are not subject to cancellation


Can I submit my paper in 6th ASEAN MISST?

Yes, free paper and poster registration is open after registration payent is completed. Please click on the tab 'Scientific' > 'Call for Abstract' 

Online Workshop and Symposium of the 6th ASEAN MISST

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