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We are back!

We are pleased to invite you to The Online Workshop and Symposium of the 6th ASEAN MISST "In-depth Guided Virtual Workshop and Symposium"
With regards to the current pandemic situation, we aim to keep the spirit of MISST going and serve as a platform to exchange ideas related to Spine Endoscopic and Minimal Invasive Surgeries.
The Online Workshop and Symposium is due online in July 2021 for 2 consecutive days with details to follow on this website.
Be sure to join our state-of-the-art virtual workshop designed to exhibit the various techniques of minimally invasive spine surgery.
Also, don't miss out on our series of symposium featuring all the established names from the community.
We hope to hear from you.

Online Workshop and Symposium of the 6th ASEAN MISST

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Email 6thaseanmisst@gmail.com

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Sardjito General Hospital
Jl. Kesehatan No.1, Senolowo, Sinduadi, Kec. Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281

Frequently Asked Question